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Application for Membership

Our Vision: The Voice of Business in the Community

Our Values: Commitment, Professionalism, Advocacy

We look forward to meeting you!

Thank you for submitting. We will be in touch with you about payment and any other important details we need to now. Thank you for your support.

Membership Rates

Our membership is based on number of employees. If your business is seasonal, please join with the number of employees you typically hire during high season.

1-5 Employees.      $132.00

6-10 Employees     $187.00

11-15 Employees     $220.00

16 + Employees     $297.00

Non-profits          $ 99.00

HST of 13% is added

Your Chamber fees are a deductible business expense.

Please fill out and submit this form.

You will be contacted with any additional information we require and will send you an invoice upon acceptance.

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